Cake Prices

I have you covered with my amazing selection of custom cakes that are bursting with flavor options. Choose from classic favorites like white chocolate, chocolate midnight, vanilla, carrot, and confetti, or let me know your wildest flavor dreams, and I’ll bring them to life! My cakes are not just delicious, they’re also a feast for the eyes. You have the freedom to enhance them with custom colors, beautiful flowers, vibrant sprinkles, or even themed toppers that will make your cake the center of attention. While my cakes typically come with two layers, if you want to go all out and add more layers, just give me the word. Did I mention the sizes? I have options ranging from a cute 6 inches to whopping 12 inches, so you can find the perfect size to feed your party people.

All prices are based off basic decorations such as simple flowers, colors, and sprinkles. Any extra design, decorations, or anything beyond basic frosting may have additional charges. All layers are approximately two inches in height.

6” Round $50

9” Round $70

9” Square $70

12” Round $110

Standard Round and Square Cakes are Two Layers.

Quarter Sheet $55

Half Sheet $85

Standard Quarter and Half Sheets are a Single Layer.


Dozen $25